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One of the (many) great things about Nordic walking is its flexibility. If you’re not used to exercising that much, know that you should be doing more but the thought of making regular trips to your local gym doesn’t appeal to you, or if you’re pretty fit already but want to burn more calories/use more muscle groups/get out more, then this could be for you.

So how can Positively Nordic help you?

The best place to start is to attend one of our ‘taster sessions’. Lasting about 45 minutes these provide you with some hands-on experience of what Nordic walking feels like, and how it can help you to achieve your health and fitness goals. A maximum of 6 people come to these.

After you’ve had a taste of Nordic walking (and hopefully found it appetising!), you can then book yourself on to one of our ‘Learn to Nordic Walk’ programmes. This is a series of one-hour sessions, typically run over four consecutive weeks.* This bespoke programme, developed by Nordic Walking UK, takes you step-by-step through the technique of Nordic walking. This ensures that you get the most benefit from the activity in order to meet your personal goals. It will also take you to a level of competence that will entitle you to a ‘Freedom Passport’ (please see the NWUK’s home page for details). NB – if you just know that you want to learn how to Nordic walk, you don’t have to attend a taster first. You can just book yourself straight on to the lessons!

(*We recognise that it’s difficult sometimes to commit to the same day and time to attend the four consecutive Learn to Nordic Walk lessons, and will do our best to accommodate this.)

What then?

Once you’ve gained your Freedom Passport you can then join our regular walks, or suitable walks run by other NWUK qualified instructors throughout the country. We have several walks a week, ranging from very gentle ‘well being’ walks, to regular ‘adventure’ walks, to the more challenging ‘workout’ walks. We also run weekly evening walks throughout the year (with head torches for those dark winter nights!). So whatever your current activity level, fitness goals, or work patterns, we aim to meet your Nordic walking needs!

Please click on the ‘Activities’ tab for more details of the sessions outlined above.

Mike Stead

Mike is a Nordic Walking UK Accredited Instructor and Delivery Partner. He started up Positively Nordic in April 2015, after first coming across the activity whilst on holiday in Austria. ‘You see people of all ages, abilities and fitness levels  over there out Nordic walking, and I started to read up on it, and watch videos about it, and I hadn’t realised until then what a brilliant form of all-round exercise it is. I was doing quite a bit of cycling at the time, and although that’s great for the leg muscles, the upper body definitely had that ‘before’ look about it!  So I learned how to do it. Then I trained to be a NWUK qualified instructor, and then set up our venture. Without doubt it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done.’

Mike runs taster sessions and Learn to Nordic Walk lessons, as well as leading regular walks. He particularly enjoys seeing how people progress, from feeling a bit awkward (and perhaps a bit self-conscious) when they first start to learn to Nordic walk, to then seeing  them confidently striding out on the walks, looking very natural, and enjoying it. ‘On the face of it’, Mike says ‘Nordic walking looks dead easy and you wouldn’t necessarily think there’s much to learn. But to get the many benefits, it needs to be done properly. As everyone who’s learned the technique knows, the brain and the body tend to do strange things when we suddenly have four legs again!’

‘I love being outdoors, in all weathers, and keeping fit surrounded by our beautiful countryside, and introducing others to Nordic walking. And I have Jo and Cas to support me and keep me in check. Marvellous!’

Jo Trigg

Jo is an accredited NWUK Instructor and Brand Ambassador. She delivers taster sessions and Learn to Nordic Walk lessons, as well as leading regular walks.  Jo started Nordic walking in April 2015 and has been walking several times a week since then (with the occasional break for holidays!).

Jo says:  ‘To be honest, I didn’t know much about Nordic walking at all when I signed up for a taster. I was really attracted to the thought of getting fit, in the outdoors, and with other people wanting to do the same. And I haven’t looked back! I noticed very early on how my posture and muscle tone (especially in my arms) started to improve. It’s hard to imagine life without Nordic walking now, and I get a real lift from seeing other people discovering its benefits – and having a good laugh along the way.’

Jo strongly believes that people learn best when they are helped to feel at ease, and once people have learned the technique her aim is help them towards their health and fitness goals in a fun and social environment. ‘I love what I do’, says Jo. ‘I just want other people to love it too!’

Cas Beattie

I joined Positively Nordic in February 2016. In January 2016 I decided to try a new activity every month until I found something I really liked doing. I booked a Nordic Walking Taster Session that month and was hooked! There was no need to try anything else!

Here’s my list of the positives of Nordic Walking:

  • Enjoying the beautiful outdoors, the seasons, the fresh air, the flora and the fauna!!
  • Improving posture, core strength, fitness and mental health and wellbeing.
  • Making new friends, great conversation, laughter and being made to feel at ease and welcomed.
  • Anyone can do it!

In 2018 I trained as a Walk Leader because I love Nordic Walking so much and wanted to be part of this very special group of people introducing others to this activity.


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