Almost three months ago I found Mike and Positively Nordic to get back into Nordic walking which I initially learnt six years ago. I was unfit and have COPD which prevented me walking, 'just in case' I came across a slope, let alone a hill, as I knew it would affect my breathing. With the support of Mike, Jo and Louise, I was re-assured - stopping to catch my breath was not an issue. In the three months that I've been Nordic walking, I am no longer fearful about hills and slopes. One hill took me three stops to catch my breath the first time I walked it - the last time I did it in one go. What an achievement (for me!). My breathing, stamina, and fitness have all improved immensely. Long may it continue. Thank you.

— Sheila

Thank you Mike...your Nordic walking classes are excellent and its thanks to you that my recovery after my triple heart bypass has been so rapid...I’m certainly a new man and I now have loads of energy...without being stuck in a gym...I can now enjoy the wonderful countryside that surrounds us and the added blessing is my lovely wife Lynne and our little puppy Bertie can also join me.

— Christopher

Thank you Mike for your patience, and clear, calm instruction. This is a life changer for us. Christopher has come on leaps and bounds since his heart attack and triple bypass this summer. During those dark days we never imagined doing this type of activity - thank you for introducing us to this wonderful activity. We would highly recommend Nordic Walking to anyone wanting to improve their physical health but also mental health. There is nothing like being outside in the beautiful Yorkshire countryside to make any situation seem better. Your guidance has been invaluable. We also appreciate the advice on the right clothing and shoes. Now fully equipped we will be out in all weathers. Looking forward to joining in some walks now that we have our pass

— Lynne

I'm really pleased that I started Nordic Walking. I have no doubt that it has contributed to weight loss as well as noticeably improved flexibility. It’s a fun sociable exercise that anyone can do.

— Louise

I tried the Nordic Walking taster on the recommendation of a friend and since then have gone on to complete the four session course. I feel I'm a more efficient walker and I enjoy walking in a way I never thought I would. It's aerobic and it's fun - both good in my opinion. Since discovering Nordic walking, I've been evangelical about the benefits, recommended it to many and hope to have many of my friends converted soon.

— Margaret

I'm so glad that I took the plunge on my own and booked the Taster Session. I was immediately hooked! I completed the Learn to Nordic Walk course, which was great fun and Mike was very patient and encouraging.   In just a few weeks I have more stamina, feel fitter and, without dieting, have lost weight.  It's great to exercise outdoors whilst enjoying the countryside and meeting new people.

— Cas

To show mum and dad, I had a practice round the garden on Sunday with my new shiny poles(lovely), apart from nearly hanging myself from the washing line it was all good and we are looking forward to our first solo walk on Saturday! Our NW enthusiasm (not least because of the fun, expert teaching we received!) has encouraged two friends to seek classes in their area, Pity none of us are on commission!!

— Angela